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Longer a Keto Diet, Can Eat Rice or Not?

 The Keto Diet is applied by eating carbohydrates to a minimum, so that the body can use a reserve of energy from proteins and fats. But for Indonesians who are accustomed to eating rice and surrounded by karbo-rich menu, reducing carbohydrate intake is not easy.

 According to the expert doctor of Obesity and disease in Eric C Westman, consumption of rice in the keto diet is not abstinence or should be avoided. Rice can still be consumed based on the needs of the body, not too much, and coupled with adequacy of protein and fat.

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 "There are some of my patients who are fine even if they no longer consume rice. Others still eat rice in consideration of body condition, age, and physical activity. Portions eat their rice that diet with the goal of preventing or treating the disease is certainly different. In addition, their younger portions of rice are different from the elderly, "Westman said.

 Westman itself sets the limit on the consumption of carbohydrates, which one source is rice, amounting to 20 grams per day in healthy patients. Serving portion of meals, especially in patients who are sick or experiencing disorders, should be done by a physician or expert who has competence on the diet.

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 Despite strict control, Westman suggests you don't have to worry too much about eating portions. All kinds of food can still be consumed not too much. Controlling rice consumption as well as other intake of sugar rich and carbohydrate prevents weight gain, which further suppresses the risk of developing diabetes and other DEGENERATIF diseases.

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