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Charcoal Toothpaste Can be Bad for Dental Hygiene

  The toothpaste made from charcoal or charcoal is now a prima primadona because it is considered able to whiten teeth naturally. However, if you are thinking of buying, it is possible that the decision should be repeated because charcoal toothpaste can be bad for the health of your teeth.

 A new study conducted by the British Dental Journal found that charcoal toothpaste can actually increase the risk of blisters and contribute to tooth decay and even fail to whiten teeth.

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 Quoted from, toothpaste should contain flouride needed to combat tooth decay. In fact, after going through trials on 50 toothpaste made from charcoal, only 8 percent containing flouride.

 50 percent of charcoal-made toothpaste is claimed to have therapeutic benefits while 30 percent are claimed to strengthen the teeth. The rest claim the antibacterial and antiseptic benefits. After scrutinized, none of the products claim is proven.

 Dr. Linda Greenwall, lead author of the study of the British Dental Bleaching Society said it is important to look for toothpaste that contains calcium, fluoride, and phosphate because this is all necessary to reinforce the enamel tooth.

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 "Toothpaste should contain flouride to have additional health benefits on the teeth. The most alarming aspect of charcoal toothpaste is that none of the other things proved to be true, "he said.

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