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Instead of Running, Jump the Rope More Effectively Burn Calories and Safe For Feet

Jumping rope that we might have rarely done since childhood is called the latest study including effective and safe exercise to burn calories rather than running. The researchers said that jumping rope does not overload the knee so less risk of injury.

In a report on the journal Gait & Posture Researchers from the United States see can up to 79 percent of runners each year report ever injuries. This is because the mechanics of the body's movements as they run produce a huge burden to be borne by the lower limbs.

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Well related to the jumping rope, the study leader Jessica McDonnell from East Carolina University, found that the resulting weight of the sport was not very large. It is known after researchers compare the power of contact on the knees of 20 young adults running and jumping rope at similar speeds.

The running result results in an average contact strength nearly twice as big as the rope jumping on the patella or kneecap. The run also results in an average contact strength of 30 percent greater than jumping rope in the joint part of Tibiofemoral.

Meanwhile jumping rope averages can burn calories 30 percent more than running.

Running is certainly already a part inseparable in many athletic activities and we also do not blind eyes to the reluctance of people to add the jumping rope in his sports list, but remain in this study jumping rope that came out as Alternative movements with potential.

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In conclusion, for you who want to be thinner but worry about injury rope jumping sport can be tried. Instead running, jump the rope more effectively burn calories and safe for the feet.

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