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4 Important Points For You Who Want to Try Keto Diet

The meal setting of the keto diet is applied by cutting the carbohydrate consumption to a minimum. With this pattern, the body is slowly accustomed to using energy deposits from proteins and fats.

The implementation of the Keto diet usually requires an adaptation time of 3-14 days in the body accustomed to consuming carbohydrates.

According to the expert doctor of Obesity and disease in Eric C Westman, the implementation of unnecessary keto diet results in stress despite controlling a strict portion of the meal. Because, this diet actually has no original restrictions still consumed according to the needs of the body. Here are 4 important points for you who want to try a keto diet

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1. Rice can still eat

Westman says consumption of rice in the keto diet is not abstinence or should be avoided. Rice can still be consumed based on the needs of the body, not too much, and coupled with adequacy of protein and fat.

"There are some of my patients who are fine even if they no longer consume rice. Others still eat rice in consideration of body condition, age, and physical activity. Portions eat their rice that diet with the goal of preventing or treating the disease is certainly different. In addition, their younger portions of rice are different from the elderly, "Westman said.

2. Start with the adequacy of information and expert mentoring

Westman suggests starting a keto diet with enough information about eating arrangements. If necessary can be accompanied by a doctor or dietician for better results. The keto Diet usually equates the consumption of kabohydrate only 10 percent of the total intake equivalent of 20-50 grams per day.

 "Doctor Who will determine how much we can consume carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Actually, do not need to be made ribet with the original portion is not too much and according to the needs of the body,  "Westman said.

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3. Focus on real food instead of supplements or processed foods

The Keto Diet, just like any other meal arrangement, requires the culprit to choose good quality groceries. Intake should be derived from fresh ingredients not processed especially instant food. Westman also assesses the unnecessary keto diet coupled with the consumption of various supplements.

"In America we see a lot of food supplements. According to my consumption the supplement will not affect much on the implementation of the Keto diet. We recommend focusing on real food which obviously has a good impact on health.

4. Dont have to be afraid of Dizzines

Dizzines or briefly dizziness in the early years of implementation of the Keto diet should be taken seriously. The reaction usually occurs during the adaptation period of 3-14 days. At that time the body was not used to break back energy deposits derived from proteins and fats.

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A dizzy reaction will disappear on its own as the keto diet. According to the keto-diet practitioner Piprim Basarah Yanuarso SpA (K), the taste of dizzines can be solved with adequate consumption of water and nutrient balance. The ratio of the keto diet intake consists of 70 percent of fat, 20 percent protein, and 10 percent carbohydrate.

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