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In Addition to Betel Leaf, Consumption of 3 Foods Here to Avoid Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is often a problem ahead of menstruation. It can also be a sign of lack keeping the feminine area clean.

Not only make moist, sometimes the smell of whiteness is also not delicious and make us women so less confident. The most famous is using betel leaf to overcome it. In fact, according to Dr. Grace Hananta C, Ht, a holistic physician, there are some other foods that can help overcome whiteness.

Here's how :

1. Garlic and onion

 "First the new research came out it turned out garlic because the consumption of garlic turns out it is precisely very good for the female organs, " he explained.

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It should be consumed raw but not possible, let alone we meet people every day. Simply by being cooked to be our cooking ingredients when cooked chicken or stir-fry vegetables are already very helpful. We can also consume the existing capsules of garlic extract. In addition, shallots also have the same benefits.

2. Yogurt
Yogurt or yogurt is a dairy product produced by fermented milk bacteria. Fermentation of lactose produces lactic acid that works on milk proteins, making the yogurt more dense and has a distinctive texture and aroma. Generally yogurt is made using cow's milk, but there are some yogurt also using soy milk.

 Yogurt has been consumed for over 4500 years and has been well-known worldwide today. Yogurt has a good nutritional content for health. Some of the benefits of yogurt are rich in protein, have calcium content, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. By familiarizing yourself once a day consume yogurt can be very helpful.

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3. Mung bean Pulp
Mung bean porridge is a typical food of the archipelago made from green beans cooked with water and palm sugar with a bunch of pandan leaves. The ingredients are cooked to boil until the green beans become tender.

Then served with additional coconut milk. In the other version, some people add tapioca flour into the slurry. This one meal can be eaten while still warm or cold by inserting ice cubes into it.

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