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The Reason for Each Person Sneezing Varies

 We all sneeze for the same reason. When irritation such as dust, animal feathers, and pollen go into our nose, the brain sends signals to eliminate them.

 When that happens, we take a deep breath that makes the chest muscles strain. The presence of pressure pushes the tongue to the roof of the mouth that forces the air out by force through the nose. Then, it came to sneezing.

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  But, why is it that the voice of each person can differ?

 Quoted from Reader's Digest, the way our sneezes are determined by many factors, the most fundamental is the anatomy of the body. Sneezing sounds or sounds depend on the airflow in the nose and mouth. So, the size of the nostrils also affects how loud your voice is.

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"People with greater lung capacity generally have a harder sneezing voice because they can take and excrete a lot of air at a time, " said the site.

If someone sneezes repeatedly and consecutively, that means sneezing once can not eliminate all the irritation that is in your nose.

The surrounding environment can also be a trigger to the way we sneeze. According to a study, some people are familiacing the way they sneeze in public differently than they do themselves. If in a public place, they are more ' polite ' by not issuing a sound that is too loud so as not to disturb anyone.

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