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Dangers of Hypoglycemia That Can Occur During the Diabetics Fasting

Many of the challenges and risks faced by the men with type 2 diabetes in fasting, one of them is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is the condition in which blood sugar levels decrease dramatically and can harm lives when they are not immediately addressed.

The symptoms of hypoglycemia are the emergence of cold sweat that ' flooded ', heart palpitations, trembling, gilded body and the view to stem or become daze. The disease experts in Prof Dr Dr Sidartawan recommend to immediately cancel the fast when experiencing these symptoms.

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Explained by it, red blood cells and brain cells only get the energy from glucose, unlike other cells can still get energy from fat. Therefore, when glucose or blood sugar levels drop and the brain cells cannot be energized, the cell becomes damaged.

 "And if the brain cells were damaged a few minutes it was irreversible. Not back. The Doctor of sugar is definitely the most afraid of his patients hypo (hypoglycemia), because if the damage is directly damaged,  "added him again.

Damaged brain cells can constantly risk causing decreased cognitive function such as the ability to remember senile aliases.

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Therefore, in fasting, Prof Sidar noted that if you have diabetes to understand the challenges and risks that will be faced, consult with the doctor, including the problem of taking medication and insulin injections, not too drastically changing the diet, Routine physical activities, compulsory to avoid ready meals, fried foods, and sugary foods and beverages.

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