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5 The Myth of The Undisputed Masturbation, The Cancer Trigger to The Hand "Hairy "

On the internet many of the tidings related to masturbation are not all true. Some people may be confused about it because indeed in Indonesia the topic of masturbation is still taboo to talk about.

Well related to this, Assistent Doctor some popular masturbation myths and confirm it to skin specialist Dr I Gusti Nyoman Darma Putra.
What does Dr. Darma say about masturbation assumptions can cause baldness to the cancer?

Here's an expert explanation:

1. Make a spotty masturbation
One of the popular masturbation myths is the presumption of frequent masturbation can cause acne. The argument behind it is called masturbation will increase the production of androgen hormones that lead to the onset of acne problems.

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Dr Darma Dissupated This and said that masturbation will not lead to acne problems due to increased hormones. He compares masturbation with sexual intercourse.

 "Improved hormones it's good to taste. Sperm spending is not just masturbation, sex people are the same but not so spotty. The term if this relates to a hormone is sure to happen to everyone, "says Dr Darma.

2. Masturbation Make hair loss
The argument behind the myth of masturbatory masturbation will make hair loss also roughly the same as that of an increase in androgen hormones. Again Dr. Darma to align it and mention that the problem of early hair loss (alopecia) is more because of hereditary factors.

"Hair loss can indeed be due to hormones but limited in hair roots not because of masturbation. That's a hereditary factor,  "he continued.

3. Make a blackened penis skin
On the internet there is also a popular assumption that often masturbation can make the skin color of the penis change so it is more black. This is though it may not be scientifically proven yet there is a sensible logic.

Dr Darma said blackened penis skin can be because of two things that are allergic factor or friction during masturbation. Allergies can occur when certain oils are used as lubricants, while friction occurs when the skin's hands and penis skin meet.

 "So he wears oil and he has little allergies, keep the friction it can blackened. This is Posible more because of the allergic factor and its symptoms, "said Dr Darma.

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4. Make a hand hairy
This popular myth has been famous since long ago, the belief that masturbation will make the skin more furry. The argument is again related to the increase in the hormones that masturbation.

Dr Darma says what happens maybe instead, someone with high androgen hormones can be more active in sexual activity. People with high androgen hormones can also be characterized by more dense body hair traits.

 "The Androgennya has a congenital factor of people. It could be if people had high androgens happy to relate including masturbation. Not because Masturbasinya, "said Dr Darma.

5. Masturbation with cancer
Although relatively rarely heard, penis cancer does exist and can attack any man. Some people there are those who relate it to masturbation habits.
In response to this, Dr. Darma confirmed there is no relationship between masturbation and penis cancer. He thinks the cancer will be more risky when someone is lazy to keep his penis clean.

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