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5 First Aid For Electric Shock

What should you do if you see someone else being electrocuted? Knowledge in first aid for electric shock, you need to know to help in dealing with this problem if it suddenly occurs around you.

When someone experiences this incident, of course you need to know how to do first aid for the right electric shock because if it is handled incorrectly or not properly it can be very fatal and can also harm yourself.

When electrocuted, the flow of electricity will enter the body and then disrupt the performance of existing organ systems. This results in organ damage. Even if the electric current is big and strong it can really cause death.

Humans are good conductors of electricity. It is easy for humans to be electrocuted and then spread widely throughout the body, especially in the blood vessels, nerves and muscles. You must know how to do first aid for proper electric shock, including:

Turning off the power source

When you see someone being electrocuted, the first thing to do is calm down and then find out where the source of the electric current is coming from, such as a fuse or electrical panel that is nearby.

First Aid For Electric Shock
Ilustration: first aid For electric shock.

Keep a distance of at least 6 meters from the victim to avoid electrocution. Keep yourself away from water and metal objects that can conduct electricity.

Push the victim into the Isolator

Insulators are objects that cannot conduct electricity. If you are confused when looking for a power source, what you can do is push the victim into an insulator object.

Use a long stick to push the victim to safety

Make sure that the victim's position is also safe when doing  First aid for people who have electric shock. People who get electrocuted are usually because they are too close or in wet conditions.

Due to the lack of knowledge about what insulators and conductors are, victims usually panic and make the rescuer not think for long and touch the victim, even though it can endanger your own life.

Seek Medical Help Immediately

First aid for the next electric shock is medical help. You must make an emergency phone call 118 to get immediate treatment from the medical team to check the victim's heart rate and breathing.

In this case, medical assistance is urgently needed to deal with the victim further, especially if the newspaper is seriously injured. Burns and injuries are very common in victims who are electrocuted.

Check the Victim's Body Condition

While waiting for the ambulance and medical team to arrive, you must stay with the victim to monitor his condition for any injuries or injuries. 

The victim will go into shock, therefore you need to lie down with the victim's body in a more elevated position above the head.

If the victim begins to experience unconsciousness, immediately check the victim's pulse and breathing.

Treat burns

If the victim has a burn, remove any clothing or objects that are stuck to the skin to prevent the burn from spreading. Then, rinse the burned area with cold running water until the pain subsides.

Next, do first aid for burns by covering the wound with a bandage or gauze. You should not remove clothing that is stuck to the skin because it can make the wound worse.

Electrocution is an accident that quite often occurs because of activities that are side by side with electric current. Therefore we need to know the proper first aid for electric shock in order to reduce the number of victims.

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