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Recommendation The Most Effective Medicine For The High Cholesterol

High cholesterol has always been a frightening spectre for all people, both young and old, because cholesterol does not know the age, and anyone can suffer from cholesterol. Therefore, recommendations of medicine for high cholesterol are very needed.

Cholesterol disease must be handled properly because if it continues, it can cause complications such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

When experiencing an increase in cholesterol, the body feels uncomfortable and sick, and the main thing to do is take medication for cholesterol on body

However, it should be noted that the drugs consumed must be according to the doctor's prescription and your needs.

You must maintain consumption and diet to prevent high cholesterol. Avoid fast food, shellfish, oily foods and sweet desserts such as ice cream and cakes. Many medicine for high cholesterol are available in pharmacies.

Best medicine for high cholesterol
Illustration : meat with bad fat is one of the causes of high cholesterol levels.

For those who have never seen a doctor and only feel the symptoms, you can go to the pharmacy to find the right medicine. Asking the pharmacist is also a wise choice.

But it would be nice to first know the cholesterol drug in the pharmacy to later become your reference. Here are most effective medicine for high cholesterol that you can find at the nearest pharmacy :

  1. Simvastatin. People with high cholesterol have widely consumed this drug. This drug belongs to the statin class of drugs that function to lower cholesterol and minimize bad fats in the human body.

    The dosage of this drug is listed on the packaging. There is a special warning for those who have a history of diseases such as heart disease or diabetes.

    The standard dose for this drug is 5-40mg. This medicine is complex and requires a doctor's prescription, and the price range from Rp.8000 to 30,000.

  2. Atorvastatin. The next best medicine for high cholesterol is atorvastatin. This drug can lower cholesterol and bad fats such as LDL and triglycerides and increase the content of good fats in the blood.

    Atorvastatin can control and stabilize fat in the blood because it suppresses the amount of cholesterol in the liver.

    This medicine must be obtained with a doctor's prescription. For people who are pregnant, it is not intended for consumption.

  3. Fenofibrate. Fenofibrate is classified as a fibrate drug that can increase enzymes and break down bad fats in the blood.

    Because of that enzyme, cholesterol will decrease and be low. This drug must be by a doctor's prescription as with other medications.

  4. Crestor. Crestor contains rosuvastatin compounds that can help maintain fat levels and cholesterol levels in the body.

    Crestor works by inhibiting the enzyme that causes the increase and the creation of cholesterol.

  5. NOW Niacin. Niacin is one of the generic cholesterol medicines that contain beneficial ingredients for lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol.

    Now's Niacin supplement is free of soy, dairy, egg, and nuts and made without gluten. You can still take this supplement for those of you who are allergic to some of these ingredients. This medicine not recommended for pregnant women and children.

  6. Gemfibrozil. This medicine is used to help lower triglyceride levels in the body. This reduction in fat levels is believed to prevent heart disease and other blood circulation problems.

    In addition, gemfibrozil can increase HDL up to 8% -15%. Meanwhile, LDL will be lowered moderately.

That's a list of effective cholesterol-lowering drugs to lower bad cholesterol. You can find some of these medicine for high cholesterol at the nearest pharmacy. Make sure the dosage is correct and with a doctor's prescription.

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