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10 Tips To Get Old With Healthy and Infrequent Narrowing

ASSISTENT DOCTOR - 10 Tips To Get Old With Healthy and Infrequent Narrowing

    Being old is a natural thing. Anyone will be old by themselves as time goes by. The body will experience decreased function slowly as the muscles are no longer strong and the body's overall power will be plummeted. However, we can age normally and stay healthy without having to get sick often.

Tips To Get Old With Healthy

    Being old is a natural thing and definitely experienced by everyone. However, being old with health can not necessarily be done by many people. Therefore, we must know how to age healthily and enjoy increasing ages without having to be friends with hospitals often.

1. Keep Doing Sports

        One of the physical activities that we often leave behind is sports. Especially when it's working hard and body fatigue. Sports are less frequently done so that endurance decreases. Finally, we often experience pain and other bodily disorders. Although it is old, you will still be advised to exercise as much as 150 minutes a week. The type of exercise you can do there are many ranging from aerobic to cardiovascular health to lifting weights for muscle health and also bones.

2. Attention To Food Entering The Body

        What we eat will determine the health condition of our body. If you are young to eat anything without regard to the nutrient content can be a body of obesity or even lack of nutrients. Therefore pay attention to what foods are entering so that the nutritional is sufficient. If you eat carelessly and are obese, it is most likely to experience dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure to diabetes. Therefore, it is advisable to do a balanced diet and cook the food on your own every day.

3. Maintaining Mental Health

         Keep your mental health routine by checking with your doctor. If you feel there is a problem with your mind and cause your body to be sick or unproductive, don't be silent. A healthy mind will determine the physique you have in order to be healthier and less sick.

4. As Much As Possible To Avoid Excessive Stress

        Stress can happen due to many things ranging from problems happening at home to work problems in the office. A person who is experiencing stress will tend to produce cortisol that triggers inflammation in the body. If inflammation continues to occur, it is most likely causing problems in sleep patterns until the resistance of the body is plummeted. Do a trip if you need entertainment. In addition, if stress conditions often occur, try to calm yourself well. Meditate for a few minutes to make the body easier to control.

5. Limit Or Sip Smoking and Drink Alcohol

      Cigarettes and alcohol are two combinations that most often cause problems on the body. If you often smoke, toxins will go into the body and cause a lot of problems ranging from lung problems, disorders of the reproductive system, impaired sex ability, to trigger cancer. Alcohol also, if you often use alcohol, the body will easily experience obesity. This will increase blood sugar and trigger a diabetic disease to emerge. Get away from them and you'll be healthier.

6. Enough Sleep

        Sleep enough every day. We are advised to sleep as much as 7-9 hours per day. With enough sleep time, the body will easily rest the mind and physique. You will have good endurance and rarely hurt.

7. Establishing A Good Relationship

        Consciously or not, a good relationship between yourself and a partner and others will contribute to health. If the people around you tend to be good and do not cause problems, distractions to the mind or mood will not occur. In effect, you become much healthier.

8. Drink Enough Water

        Always fulfill water needs every day. If you can meet the water needs of a person, it is most likely that the organ function in the body will run well. Skin and digestive function goes smoothly and we also will not be dehydrated drinking as much as 6-8 glasses of water every day.

9. Maintain Skin and Mouth Health

        The skin is the first organ of the body to be infected and used as a pathway to infection. Kalua skin often experiences disruptions or tends to be unhealthy, most likely, we will be difficult to maintain health. Especially when it comes to cancer. Furthermore, the mouth is also a place of entry of bacteria and also other harmful pathogens. Once the pathogens get into the mouth and infect, we will experience considerable disruption. So, oral health checks are also routinely.

10. Check Your Health Regularly

        This last point is often not done because it thinks the body is healthy and not having problems. But we do not know the current condition of the body. Ordinary we look ordinary, but inside there is a problem and the mark does not appear immediately. Avoiding dangerous diseases that cause problems later in the day, it is good to do a health check at least once a year. By doing this you will always be vigilant and maintain the condition of the body until old.

        Here are some reviews of how to age healthily and the body is not easy to be acurant. If we do some tips above, the old age will run smoothly. 

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