Blood Group A Risk Of Being Affected By Corona COVID-19, Really? - ASSISTENT DOCTOR

Blood Group A Risk Of Being Affected By Corona COVID-19, Really?

ASSISTENT DOCTOR - Blood Group A Risk Of Being Affected By Corona COVID-19, Really? 

Reported from the Daily Mail, a study conducted in China expressed that people with blood group A were at risk of being exposed to Corona (COVID-19) greater than those with other blood groups.
Not only that, researchers involved in the study also claimed if the owner of blood group A who infected with COVID-19 is more susceptible to experiencing the most severe complications of the plague by the World Health Agency or WHO has been designated as this pandemic, namely death.

As it is known, the O blood group population of the world (34 percent) is higher than that of the blood group A (32 percent). Nevertheless, the study revealed if the prevalence of SARS-Cov-2 infection with blood group A reaches 41 percent, higher than the blood group O which is 25 percent.

The Chinese researchers observed about 2.173 Chinese citizens in Hubei province who were confirmed by SARS-Cov-2 virus, including 206 people who died from the outbreak.
Of the 206 patients died, 85 people were known to have a blood group A which has a percentage of 41 percent.

Based on the results of the study, the researchers involved claimed if the blood group A was at risk of being affected by Corona (COVID-19) and had complications in the form of a higher death than other blood groups.

Proof of blood type A risky Corona COVID-19 not yet strong. However strong. , a number of other researchers still do not want to practise about people with blood group A at risk of getting Corona larger than other blood groups.

Doubts about this are one of them expressed by Robin C May, a professor of the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham. He said that the study could not explain the mechanism of a person who has blood group A more susceptible to contracting the COVID-19.

Further, May reveals if it is difficult to measure the potential for SARS-Cov-2 infections based on blood type. The reason is, this type Corona virus attacks the lung organs instead of the blood cells.
A Blood group claim is at risk of being affected by Corona (COVID-19) greater than the other blood group does not mean that it cannot be justified. Just that, it seems that advanced research is needed to uncover the relationship between blood group A — and other blood groups — with potential viral infections.

How To Prevent Transmission Of The Corona COVID-19 Virus

Apart from the news of the blood group A risky Corona (COVID-19), basically we should all be wary of the transmission of the virus. The following is how to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus as reported by WHO and Health Direct:

1. Washing Hands Diligently

The first thing you have to apply every day is regular hand washing. At least wash your hands, be it with a soap or an antiseptic hand sanitizer, several times a day (especially before touching the food). Each is done for 20 seconds.
This hand-washing activity aims to kill viruses and other ' nasty ' microorganisms that may dwell in your hands.

2. Social Distancing

The restriction of social interaction is known as ' social distancing ' which is now being promoted to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 that should be applied by everyone to expand this virus.
Social distancing is an activity that essentially limits the interaction between people. Activities may include:
  1. Avoiding or negating any form of activity involving the crowd
  2. Avoid the places where there is a crowd, particularly if the place is not too wide (offices, shopping centers, etc.)
  3. If forced to be in a place where there are many people, try to keep the distance with other people about 1.5 meters
  4. Avoid activities involving physical contact such as a salaman, hug, kissing
  5. Avoiding places that potentially become the epicenter of transmission of viruses such as hospitals.
The implementation of social distancing is of course requiring good cooperation from all parties to the Community, government, and other related agencies. Therefore, the massive socialization and awareness of each individual becomes very important to prevent this plague from expanding.

3. Avoid Touching The Face Area (Eyes, Nose, Mouth)

How to prevent the transmission of the next Corona virus (COVID-19) is to avoid or restrict yourself from touching the facial area.
The reason is that this virus enters the body through the body parts in the face area, especially the nose and mouth. If the virus is successful in and infecting the body, not just you are affected but also the people around who make physical contact (direct and indirect) with you.

4. Immediately Consult a Doctor When Experiencing Related Symptoms

COVID-19 is characterized by 3 (three) distinctive symptoms, namely:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
If you feel the above three symptoms and have the risk factor (never visited a recent affected area or contact with suspect), immediately consult a referral hospital that has been determined by the central and local governments.

This also applies to those of you who have not felt any symptoms but have the above risk factors. Early detection may help prevent the transmission of more widespread viruses.

5. Self-Isolation

Self-isolate is a form of social responsibility of a person who has been positively confirmed by COVID-19 to prevent this virus from spreading.
Nevertheless, you who have no symptoms should be expected to apply this way because nobody can guarantee whether or not this virus has infected our body yet.

6. Away When You Want To Sneeze or Cough

Sneezing and unwrapped cough indicates that you are infected with Corona virus (COVID-19). This may be a symptom of an ordinary flu or other medical condition.

However, we recommend applying ethics when sneezing or coughing is by covering your nose and mouth with a clean hand or cloth. In addition, try to keep away from people around when you want to sneeze or cough. Do not forget to wash hands immediately after that.

7. Maintaining Hygiene Environment

Lastly, make sure that you keep your environment or work hygienic. The trick is with a ' clean-up ' routine or if necessary — and possible — spraying the disinfectant fluid around your home or office.

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