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Here's A Healthy Tips to Consume Eating Food in Eidhul Adha

Eid al-Adha is identical to the food and is made from meat ingredients. This is due to the abundance of sacrificial animal meat that we can even do for days.

The abundance of eating foods and meats can trigger a separate dilemma because despite the good taste, eating food if consumed excessively can cause high cholesterol problems.

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The portion of food we consume is the main key to preventing the advent of cholesterol increases in the body. Although delicious, make sure not to eat food and meat with excessive meats.

 According to Verrywell Fit's page, in 1 tablespoon of coconut milk alone already provides 3.2 grams of saturated fat. This means it is good to limit the intake of coconut milk to a maximum of 1 cup in a day.

In addition to limiting consumption of coconut milk and meat-dagingan so as not to excessive, it is good that we also do not forget the intake of vegetables and fruits.

Not only helps the stomach become fuller because it is rich in fiber content, consuming vegetables and fruit can also help us to prevent the coming of high cholesterol due to consumption of meat-dagingan food and dining.

Health specialists also ask us not to heat up the dining meals repeatedly. The healthy fats that initially exist in coconut milk can turn into bad fats if we continue to reheat until many times.

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Once or twice it is still considered safe to do, but it is good to cook meat-Dagingan and a meal in portions that are not too big so we do not have to take it up repeatedly.

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