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9 Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth and Not Yellow

Having beautiful and neat teeth is everyone's dream, no exception to you. White teeth, clean, and organized will certainly increase confidence. Braces or stirrup is a solution for you who want to beautify your teeth. However, the teeth that are backed up require special care to maintain their health. How do tips to care for good and correct teeth to keep your teeth healthy?

What is a Behel?

Braces or stirrup is a tool that serves to restore uneven, flattened, or advanced teeth to have the ideal shape so that it looks beautiful and organized by giving emphasis to the teeth in order to move to the perfect position.

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Everyone is not born with the ideal dental condition, and the medical world has a solution for that, namely by pairing braces or stirrup for a certain period of time to produce those beautiful teeth. That is why, the more days the usage trend of stirrup or braces continues to experience improvement, both among children, teenagers, even adults though.

Tips for caring for your teeth to stay healthy
Tooth Behel can beautify the look of your teeth. However, the teeth also require special care to keep the dental health awake.

This is because while wearing the stirrup, teeth will be blocked by the stirrup so it is harder to reach the dental area especially at Sela-selanya. Here's how to take care of the teeth you can practise.

1. Gargle Using Salt Water
This first tip is especially for you whose teeth have just been fitted with Behel. When the first time you use a Behel, you'll definitely feel the pain in the tooth area, right? This is because the tooth has not been able to adapt to the pressure given by braces.

To relieve the pain, all you can do is to gargle using a glass of water that has been mixed 2 tablespoons salt. Regularly rinse twice daily in the morning and evening.

2. Brushing Teeth With Special Toothbrush
Dental stirrup does not mean it can not be cleaned, yes. Instead, you have to brush your teeth more diligently to avoid plaque due to the accumulation of leftover food in the teeth and on the sidelines of braces.

In addition, diligent brushing the teeth also prevents your teeth from being yellow, which will reduce the aesthetic of the tooth. How to take care of the teeth stirrup so as not to be yellow and free of plaque is to rub it using a special toothbrush that has a soft bristle brush, and the toothpaste is-flouride to brighten the teeth and prevent the deterioration.

Then, gently rub the teeth with a bullish motion down between the teeth and the stirrup for 3-5 minutes. Do this activity routinely 2-3 times a day, namely morning, noon after meal, and the night before bedtime.

3. Cleaning Leftovers With Dental Floss
In addition to brushing the teeth regularly, how to treat the teeth stirrup also by cleaning the remnants of food stuck in between the tooth or wire using special dental yarn or called dental floss.

This is important to do because the teeth are more susceptible to forming corals if they are not seriously noticed. You can practice this way after brushing your teeth first.

4. Gargle With Mouthwash
If the salt water is intended to relieve pain when using a new stirrup, then after the time it is installed, you still need to gargle, but this time using a mouthwash that is widely encountered in the market.

Mouthwash is a way of treating teeth that effectively helps fight germs and bacteria causing bad breath and perforated teeth. Mouthwash is enriched with a number of substances that are important to treat teeth and mouth so lest you escape this activity. Wear a mouthwash each out brushing the tooth.

5. Not Consuming Sticky Foods
Treating teeth can also be avoided by avoiding the consumption of sticky foods such as chewing gum, marshmallow, or Dodol. These foods tend to be easy to stick in between the stirrup and teeth, but they are somewhat difficult to loose. This of course has the potential to cause deterioration of teeth and growth of germs.

6. Avoiding The Hard Food That Leaves The Crumbs
In addition to sticky foods, how to treat teeth stirrup to keep the germ-free healthy is to avoid the hard foods such as chocolate, crackers, and nuts which when chewed, will leave the crumbs that can stick in the teeth and between the wires.

If consuming these foods, it immediately gargle and brushing the teeth so that no crumbs left behind that could damage the teeth and braces.

7. Avoid Sparkling Beverages
It's good if you also avoid consuming sparkling beverages as a way of treating teeth stirrup to stay healthy. The soda content of soft drinks has the potential to cause plaque on the teeth, and damage to the braces due to the reaction of soda to wire irons.

8. Routine Self Check To The Dentist
During a stirrup or braces attached to your teeth, it is also mandatory for you to routinely control or check-up to the dentist within 1-3 months depending on the advice of your dentist or orthodontist.

The dental control of the stirrup as a way of treating teeth stirrup to stay healthy is important because this is where the development of your teeth are seen, as well as replacement of wires and rubber stirrup that must be done periodically to remain hygienic.

9. Use Retainer
After a removable release, it does not mean that your business with teeth is finished. For 1-2 years after the stirrup or braces are removed, the doctor will ask you to use a device called retainer. A retainer is a tool that serves to keep the tooth from returning to the condition before the tooth is fitted.

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The use of retainer is a way of treating teeth in post therapy with dental correction that you are absolutely living with braces. Use this tool on a regular basis or your efforts to tidy teeth during this time will be useless.

That he tips or how to treat gigig stirrup to stay healthy and free of infusion germs or bacteria. Beautiful and neat teeth will be free if not awake. Don't lazy to take care of your teeth, yes. Hopefully useful!

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