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7 Benefits of Positive Thinking For Health

In life, there are things that might not be fun for you. Or, you are faced with a challenge in life that is felt difficult. The two then make the contents of the brain filled with negative thoughts. If this is perceived and thought, then it is good to change the habit and think positively because of the fact, there are a number of positive thinking and smile benefits.

The benefits of positive thinking for body health
Something negative is not inevitable. However, it does not mean that we are trapped in the situation. Instead of resolving the problem, negative thinking actually makes the problem increasingly runyam.

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Positive thinking is about how you are able to control the various negative things that are facing them. Believe it or not, positive thinking makes the burden that is in our lives become diminished. If there is a problem, positive thinking is effective in helping you solve the problem.

Here are the benefits of positive thinking you need to know.

1. Fight Depression
Having a habit of negative thinking in the development will bring you to a condition that everyone does not want to experience it, namely depression, as reported from Psychological Today.

It is said that the benefit of positive thoughts is as a cognitive therapy, which can affect a person's thoughts and feelings become more excited and happy, so that the depression can be prevented and/or overcome.

2. Longevity
Studies conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found the fact that the benefits of positive thinking for health are able to increase a person's life expectancy.

This study involved women who had entered the menopause period, in which from the women, some have a longer age potential than others. The reason is, of course because some of the women have an optimistic nature in him.

Although there is no further explanation about the correlation between the benefits of positive thinking and the smile, but it does not hurt for you to always think positive and optimistic if you want to have a long life.

3. Preventing Diabetes
Still from the same study, the group of women who have the optimistic nature also feel the benefits of other positive thinking, namely spared or at least have a smaller risk to suffer from blood sugar (diabetes).

Not only that, those whose minds are filled with optimism are also called less likely to experience high blood pressure (hypertension).

4. Preventing Cancer
Cancer is a deadly disease caused by damaging the body's cells due to free radical attacks. In addition to fulfilling the intake of antioxidant and vitamin substances in the body, preventing cancer can be done by always positive-minded every day.

The benefits of positive thinking and smiles to prevent cancer are based on research, where in the study found the fact that people whose lives are always met with positive minds and optimism have the risk of developing cancer 23 Percent lower than those who have always been negatively minded.

5. Minimizing Risk of Heart Disease
Another surprising fact about the benefits of positive thinking is that this habit also makes the culprit have a risk of deadly cardiovascular disease, the disease of heart attack, which is smaller than those who always Negative-minded and full of pessimistic.

The benefits of this one positive mind have also been demonstrated by a study, where it is said that people who have a positive mind have had a risk of dying from a heart attack 30 percent smaller if it was Other groups of people who are rarely or even never at all positive.

6. Boosts Immune System
The benefits of positive thinking also include enhanced immune system. A study published by the New York Times newspaper in 2003 mentions that positive thinking can improve the immune system's response to disease-causing microorganisms attacks.

Conversely, negative thoughts are claimed to degrades the immune system's ability to banish disease. Because, negative thinking causes electrical activity in the brain to experience a surge that interferes with the response of the body's immune system trying to detect and resist disease.

7. Controlling Stress
Unpleasant situations often make you feel stressed, right? Well, the benefit of positive thinking when faced with these situations is to control the stress, sadness, or disappointment that gets you so that you are not protracted in those feelings that will even exacerbate the situation.

A study illustrates how positive thoughts can help a person to ' come out ' from the sense of stress experienced. Rather than dissolve in sadness, positive-minded people will soon switch and focus on other things that it thinks are more beneficial.

With a positive thought, someone will immediately think about determining the next step that must be done to fix the situation.

Tips for Easy Positive Thinking

As already mentioned in the beginning, a handful of unpleasant things will surely approach yourself. However, it can be controlled with positive thinking. That way, no excess worries will be felt.

Here are a number of positive thinking tips you can take.

1. Smile
By familiarizing yourself with smiling and laughing when you are in tough times is the right way to grow positive thoughts inside, so that the benefits of positive thinking and smiling can be obtained, that is free of stress.

2. See The Good Side of Yourself
When the bad thing strikes and your brain begins to be filled with negative thoughts, immediately remember everything that is good or positive from yourself. Remember, every human being must have a positive side inside of him.

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This is a very helpful way to trigger positive feelings so that you are better prepared and always excited about what's happening.

3. Make Everything as Learning
"All the wisdom", that's about the phrase we often hear. This is true indeed. By believing that every occurrence is certain of its intent and purpose, you will also be more able to think clearly and optimistically in addressing something.

That's information on the benefits of positive thinking you need to know. Are you ready to turn negative thoughts into positives? Hopefully useful!

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