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8 The Efficacy of Coriander, Can Prevent Hypertension and Diabetes!

One of the most common spice dishes we use in the kitchen is coriander. The form of small grains is often regarded as similar to pepper. Not only easy to find in the sharing of places with a cheap price, the coriander can also provide many health benefits.

Various health benefits of coriander
Most people just know the coriander's ability to make the flavor of the cuisine would more delicious. In fact, coriander also saves a lot of efficacy.

Here are the various health benefits that can be obtained from coriander.

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1. Can Prevent Diabetes
Although small in size, coriander is included in foods high in fiber content, you know. This means that, often consuming it can help to control blood sugar levels. This can prevent the coming of diabetes. In addition, for those who already suffer from this disease, eating coriander can help prevent the coming of harmful diabetes complications.

2. Controlling Blood Pressure
Coriander turns out to have content that can lower blood pressure effectively. This means that, not only can help prevent the coming of hypertension, it can also help people with health problems control their blood pressure.

3. Can Overcome The Problem of Swollen Heart
The heart swelling is a health condition caused by a much harder heart performance than usual. The cause is the occurrence of blockages in the veins associated with the stacking of plaque or cholesterol. Because it works too hard, then the heart muscle is finally inflamed and swollen.

By consuming the coriander that is processed with hot water, then we can overcome a potentially deadly health problem if not handled properly.

4. Can Cope With Flu or Colds
In the coriander, there is antioxidant content and vitamin C that can strengthen the immune system. Its contents can also stimulate collagen production in the body. These things will help to cope with the flu or colds effectively. Although often regarded as a mild illness, in the reality of flu and colds can make us trouble doing normal daily activities, right?

5. Preventing Anemia
In the coriander, there is a high iron content. This content can help the process of forming red blood cells effectively so that it will overcome the problem of anemia. Even the body will feel much more fit and energized. In addition, this content can also affect the health condition of bones effectively.

6. Make The Appetite Increased
If we suffer from an appetite reduction problem, the body will be more likely to fall sick due to decreased nutritional intake. For children, low appetite can affect developmental and growth disorders. By consuming the decoction of coriander seeds, we can re-increase the appetite so as to help improve the daily diet.

7. Can Cope With Indigestion
If we have a problem of irritable bowel syndrome, it is worth trying to consume coriander in order to overcome it. Some other types of indigestion that can be addressed by this herb are diarrhea, flatulence problems, hard bowel movements, even worms.

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This is due to the presence of antioxidant content in the coriander that can help improve bowel movements. In addition, the production of digestive enzymes can also increase so as to make the digestion rate improve.

8. Can Overcome Whiteness
The water of the coriander stew is said to help solve the problem of vaginal discharge, a condition that many attack women. They should consult the doctor first if you want to use this natural ingredient.

See this fact, no need to hesitate anymore to consume the coriander often. Many health benefits

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