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10 Foods That Contain Collagen For Skin Health

Collagen is a protein in the skin that serves to form structures and also firmness. Collagen levels can decrease as time goes on, so the skin will become wrinkled and not smooth anymore. How to prevent that is to consume foods that contain collagen.

Foods Containing Collagen

Collagen is actually self-produced by the body. As you grow older, the amount of collagen in your body will be dropped. If you do not want to experience problems with decreased skin quality, the body should be stimulated to produce collagen every day.

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Here are some types of collagen-containing foods :

1. Bone Broth
Broth from bones in addition to having a taste of delicious and can be used for various kinds of gravy cuisine also contains enough nutrients that are beneficial.

Self-made broth in the home usually contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, collagen, glucosamine, amino acids, and collagen. This content will make the body produce a lot of collagen.

Each bone broth does not have the same quality. So make sure the selection of bones is high quality. If the bones are selected high quality, the resulting broth will also be quality.

2. Sea Fish
Marine fish contain high enough collagen especially in the bones.

You are not advised to consume the head or the bones otherwise doyan. It is better to consume the meat to be used for various kinds of food either steamed, grilled, or fried.

Although marine fish have many sources of collagen and of course protein, you are also not advised to consume it too much. Some types of seafood contain enough mercury that will be harmful if consumed in excessive amounts.

3. Chicken
Did you know that most of the collagen supplements found in the market are made of chickens?

Chicken parts are most commonly used to produce collagen or trigger collagen production in the body is the neck as well as the cartilage that is owned.

If you do not want to use a supplement and prefer to use natural ingredients, can make the broth from the bones and skin of chickens. The broth can be mixed with some meat to make food. In addition to foods that contain collagen and good for skin health, chickens can also help overcome Artristis.

4. Different Types Of Oranges
Various citrus fruits are essential to overcome the problem of very low collagen production of the body.

Oranges contain quite a lot of vitamin C that are beneficial to the body especially in terms of helping stimulate collagen formation. That's why some skin care products use Vitamin C as one of its components.

You can eat oranges on a daily basis with any type. Citrus can be eaten directly as a fruit or made into a healthy drink and also refreshing.

5. Egg Whites
Some sources of nutrients that make collagen production rise above are usually made of bones or joints. Nevertheless, the eggs have a more or less similar function even though the component does not exist. White eggs contain nutrients called proline which are amino acids to stimulate collagen formation.

You can eat egg whites routinely or limit 1-2 grains per day. It is better to cultivate egg whites by boiling rather than deep-fried to be chewy and not to add fat to the food.

6. Tropical Fruits
Besides oranges, some types of tropical fruit also contain quite a lot of vitamin C which is good for skin health. The fruit consists of guava, mango, pineapple, and kiwi. You can consume it every day according to your needs.

7. Green Vegetables
Green vegetables have quite a lot of benefits to the body. In addition to being able to supply fiber, green vegetables also contain antioxidants named chlorophyll. This antioxidant is good for the body because it can keep cells and make collagen production so inflated.

Various types of green vegetables can be used to increase collagen production in the body. You can use the mustard, spinach, and the Choy pack. This variety of vegetables can be consumed anytime either raw or cooked first.

8. Garlic
Consciously or not, garlic is very good for skin health.

Garlic contains sulfur or sulfur which is quite a lot. This substance is able to assist the body in producing collagen and prevents damage to the tissues so that the skin will not be damaged.

You can use garlic every day to cook. Some people also make sambal, pickles, and cakes with garlic.

9. Nuts
Foods that contain the next collagen are nuts.
Various types of nuts that are high in protein can also help the production of collagen. Nuts like red beans and the like can help the body to increase the amount of collagen because it contains quite a lot of copper.

10. Tomato
Tomatoes also have an adequate amount of vitamin C intake. Eating tomatoes in any form whether it is fruit or made into food will supply the nutritional needs for collagen by 30 percent per one medium size tomato fruit. So, if you eat 3-4 grains of tomatoes can boost collagen needs in the body.

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Besides being able to supply beneficial nutritional needs for collagen, tomatoes also have antioxidants in the form of lycopene. This antioxidant will make the body healthier and you are not easily experiencing other health problems.

That's him some food choices that contain collagen.

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