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10 Danger Vape For Body Health (No. 5 Terrible)

The growing age has spawned an electronic era that pervasive to almost all aspects of life. In fact, cigarettes also undergo electrification with the presence of electric cigarettes products or known as vape.

The vape cigarette is then considered ' safer ' than conventional cigarettes, which is the fact that it is not true. Yes, in fact there is a threat of threatening vape, Kok can?

What is Vape?

Vape is a type of conductor nicotine Eletronik. Vapes or electric cigarettes when smoked will produce moisture, instead of smoke as in conventional cigarettes. Vape is divided into several types of vape, but broadly, the electrical cigarette consists of 3 (three) components, namely liquid-filled tubes, batteries, and heating elements.

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Vape then work by heating the liquid that is in the tube, to then produce the smoke that will be sucked by the users of the Vape. Liquid on the vape itself contains a number of chemicals, namely nicotine, propylene glycol, and seasoning such as fruits, vanilla, to chocolate.

Dangers of Vape For Body Health

Regarded as a healthy solution for smokers, in fact vapes or electric cigarettes have almost the same dangers as conventional cigarettes. It is not separated from the content of liquid vape namely nicotine, propylene glycol, and tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) which is also found in tobacco cigarettes.

Then, what are the dangers of vape for body health? See the following information.

1. Inflammation Of The Lungs
Just like the dangers of tobacco cigarettes, the dangers of electric cigarettes (vape) are damaging the health and lung function. The reason is that the liquid vape also contains nicotine substances, in which the nicotine can cause inflammation of the lungs, resulting in a tissue of the respiratory organs cannot resist the attack of incoming foreign bodies.

The danger of cigarette vape This one has also been demonstrated by researchers from the University of Athens, where the content of additives in vape produces inflammatory effects of the lungs similar or even worse than conventional cigarettes.

Not only lung, nicotine can also potentially damage the function of other vital organs such as the heart and brain, causing a decrease in the function of the immune system.

When nicotine is absorbed into the body through the bloodstream, this substance will trigger the adrenal glands to secrete the hormone adrenaline (epinephrine). Consequently, there is an increase in blood pressure that affects heart rate and respiratory acceleration. The effects of dopamine-generated nicotine can also eventually impair brain function.

2. Lung Cancer
Not only is the lungs inflamed, nicotine in its continuation can cause a vape hazard to more serious lungs. Is lung cancer, where the disease, according to research from the University of Nevada, is triggered by a formaldehyde substance contained in a cigarette vape. Formaldehyde itself is indeed a substance that triggers cancer (carcinogenic).

When you suck a vape vapor, the formaldehyde substance will enter the body and be directly absorbed by the lungs. Gradually, the chemical substances will cause the growth of cancer cells in the lung area.

3. Heart Disease
Nicotine content in vape is not as many as conventional cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes. However, the nicotine levels are still involved in causing narrowing of the arteries, which affects the functioning of the heart and lead to complications of cardiac arrest.

4. Brain Damage
The contained nicotine can lead to increased dopamine which makes a feeling of delight and soothing. Nevertheless, this can adversely affect the performance of the brain as the organ that produces the dopamine.

5. Infants Born With Disabilities
A study that was performed by a research team from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) found that the ' smoke ' vape is harmful to the growth of fetal and the risk of causing the baby to be born defective.

Although the research object is a frog, but the similar embryo structure makes this one vape hazard possible to occur in humans.

In addition, the nicotine content and propylene Glukol on the vape, according to a researcher named Rene Olivares-Navarette, may interfere with the uterine cells, resulting in a baby's condition that has a craniofacial defect, the type of defect occurring in A number of body tissues such as bones, teeth, skin, and glands.

For you expectant mothers, it's best to avoid exposure to these vape smoke in order to avoid your babies being born with disabilities.

6. Decrease Function Of Body Immune System
As previously explained, the dangers of vape also include lowering the immune system.

The danger of electric cigarettes for the health of this one has even been proved by research conducted by a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina, USA. The results revealed that there was a decline in the activity of cells 594 genes in smokers, both conventional cigarettes and cigarette vape.

In fact, cell 594 genes is a cell that plays an active role in helping the immune system to fight off microorganisms that threaten the health of the body.

This condition is in fact caused by liquid vape that has immunosuppressive effect, which is lowering the function of the immune system.

7. Addiction Vape
Switching using vape is considered by some circles to be an effective smoking stop or at least a safe ' smoking ' activity. The problem is, vape also contains nicotine which is also included into the type of addictive substances, so as not to stop the opium effect in sucking the substance, whatever the shape.

In fact, both conventional cigarettes and electric cigarettes have the same danger. And see the danger of electric cigarettes for such health, then not other events that can be done in addition to changing your total lifestyle, ranging from diligent exercise, to the therapy stop smoking.

8. Poisoning
The danger of vape turns out to cause poisoning users. At least this was expressed by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2014 ago, where there is a recorded increase in the number of patients treated in the poisoning center as many as 215 times more if it was compoomed by the year 2010.

The dangers of cigarette vape poisoning can occur because someone inhale, swallow, or contact ' smoke ' vape with eyes and skin. The majority of these poisoning cases are experienced by children under the age of 5 years (toddlers).

9. Battery Burst
Vape Battery Exploding? Although the odds are impossible, the fact that the case of the battery exploding vape never swallowed victims. A vape user or electric cigarette named Kanneth Barbero is reported to have suffered the fate that resulted in a perforated tongue, crushed tooth, and even burns in the hand area.

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A Batetai vape that has ' overheat ' is the cause for the vape to blast. Although it is rare, you should still be wary of the dangers of this one vape, yes.

10. Harm Others
Not only you as a user of vape or electric cigarette, those around you that enliven inhale the ' smoke ' vape will also be impacted by danger vape, without exception, in fact, those who do not suck vape but inhaled the smoke is called will be exposed Danger of cigarette vape bigger.

That is information about the dangers of vape for health that you need to know and beware. If already so, still want to use this electric cigarette as a substitute for conventional cigarettes? Preferably not. Hopefully useful!

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