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Rarely Have Breakfast, Can The Risk of Heart Disease Increase? This is Likely

A restudy reveals the bad impact never breakfast. The risk of heart disease in this study increased 87 percent in people who always started their morning activity with an empty stomach.

Scientists from the University of Iowa conducted the study by analyzing data from an 18-year period, involving 6,550 participants aged 40 years and above. Participants are grouped based on the frequent breakfast.

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At all participants never breakfast, the risk of getting heart disease observed is 87 percent higher. It's a concern because 23.8 percent of young people in the United States never have breakfast.

Why is the risk of heart disease increasing because it does not have breakfast? This study did not reveal it, but some of the possibilities are as follows:

1. So often snacking
Because there is no breakfast, the hunger comes faster during the day. The tendency for unhealthy snacking will increase accordingly.

2. More uncontrolled blood sugar
Because it does not breakfast, blood sugar levels in the morning will be lower. Then at lunchtime, the sugar level immediately soared. This makes blood sugar levels unstable and risky to interfere with metabolism.

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3. Dealing with Lifestyle
Breakfast has long been believed to be part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, people who are accustomed to breakfast generally also apply another healthy lifestyle such as diligent exercise and regular sleep patterns. This combination of good habits lowers the risk of heart disease.

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