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Healthy Fat Vs Unhealthy, How to Differentiate?

Overweight body is uncomfortable and more risky to suffer obesity. However, there is an excess body weight condition that does not increase the risk of experiencing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and blood vessel disorders.

According to the endocrinologist Dr. Dyah. The risk is greater on that fat with a pile of fats in the waist. This visceral fat stack is most evil and results in serious problems such as liver treatment. In addition, liver treatment will also cause disruption to the health of the body.

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 "The most danger is visceral fat which causes the waist circumference to enlarge. For subcutaneous fats that are under the skin tend to be easier to control, "said a health expert.

The subcutaneous fat is widely found in the back of the arms, thighs, and buttocks that affect the production of estrogen in males and females. Another type is white subcutaneous fat that serves to store calories and produce adipnectin, Yautu hormones that help the liver work and muscle regulating insulin.

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Although not all fat stacks risk lowering health, but it is better if the weight is not excessive. Weight according to body mass index can be obtained by applying a healthy lifestyle that is not smoking, diligent exercise, eat enough fruit and vegetable with balanced nutrients.

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