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5 Tips to Get Younger Age 10 Years Like Ronaldo

Juventus ' star brilliance Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be unfaded at the age of 34 years. No wonder that medical tests have proven their biological lifespan is still around 20 years.

In the world of fitness, two types of age are known to be chronological age and biological age. The chronological age is a mathematically calculated age based on the calendar since someone was born.

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Biological age is a different matter. Essentially, this is the result of the calculation of the aging process of body cells. At the molecular level, this level of damage can be seen from the DNA component (Eoxyribo Nucleic Acid) called Telomere.

Quickly slow down the process is influenced by many factors, and the good news, can be slowed down. Factors that affect biological age include physical activity, diet, and certain diseases and health conditions.

Well to maintain the biological lifespan of staying young as Ronaldo, or even returning it to the younger, there are a few tips that can be followed as compiled from the following Healthline.

1. Exercise regularly
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends mild-moderate, medium-intensity physical activity for 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. A person who diligently performs physical activity will have a better metabolic system.

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2. Maintain weight
Actually, weight loss is just as an indicator. The more important thing to maintain is the body mass composition, which is to keep the fat and muscle levels always at the optimal point. Ronaldo has a very low fat content of 7 percent, and a very high muscle mass of 50 percent.

3. Maintain nutritional intake
Eating a ' clean ' and balanced is a major condition in preserving body cells. It is generally recommended to control the intake of sugar, salt, and fat. May not have to avoid it at all, but limiting it to not overdo it.

4. Adequate rest
The cells of the body need time to recover or repair themselves from damage after being worn for activity. Sleep 7-8 hours a day is needed for this process.

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5. Avoid stress
Stress in the mind can greatly affect the stress physically, which will accelerate the destruction of the body's cells. Always positive thinking and taking the time to calm down is one way of controlling stress in a healthy way.

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