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10 Healthy Food Tips For Your Final Weekend

It doesn't feel that weekend. Maybe you and your friends have planned a culinary tour on this Saturday and for a moment to forget the healthy diet. But try to think again, lest it just make you regret. You can get weight gain and body to be less fit due to consuming fatty foods and high sugar content.

Well, instead of experiencing these conditions, it's better to implement 10 healthy eating tips that you can apply on weekends.

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1. Drink warm lemon water 
Start the day with a simple drink. Make a cup of warm water and mix with a lemon juice that can balance the body pH. This drink can soothe your mind, body, and nourish your digestion!

2. Cook yourself
Cook healthy food at home, don't be tempted to order a meal via online so as to avoid any fatty foods that drain your wallet.

3. Adequate intake of vegetables and fruits
Increase nutrition intake on weekends with more vegetables and fruits. A bowl of fruits can be a breakfast menu. And his attitude, can present animal protein along with a bowl of various green vegetables.

4. Say no to processed foods
Don't be tempted to consume fast food anymore. Give at least one full day with healthy food because in the day is usually already fill with practical processed foods.

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5. Choose healthy Carbohydrates
Meet the intake of carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates, for example tubers. Yes, you can replace fresh bread and white rice with brown rice, steamed potatoes or boiled, or wheat (oatmeal).

6. Don't snacking while watching
Hold the desire to pack, especially while watching a favorite show. Can-can you even err has spent a jar of biscuits and one large package of chips because it is too fun to watch.

7. Apply the weekend without sugar
Because in the ordinary days you have often consumed coffee with sugar or tea with sugar, this weekend try to stop first. Afraid of weakness because it does not get sugar intake? You can replace it with natural sugar contained in the fruits.

8. Make your own snacks
Still want to snacking on weekends? Try making your own healthy snacks. Now there are many healthy snack recipes that you can get on the Internet, for example how to make oatmeal biscuits. Other than without preservatives, sugar can also be as low as possible takar. In fact, that fatty butter can be replaced with olive oil.

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9. Get rid of alcohol and soda
Hold your passion for drinking alcohol and soft drinks. Yes, although the weekend is often identical to the party and the drink, it would not hurt for ' fasting ' first. Because, in addition to not containing nutrients, the drink contains excess sugar levels. Can-can, your efforts to get a slim body is damaged because of that one drink.

10. Drink more white water
One of the easiest ways to support a healthy weekend is by hydrating your own body. Drinking lots of white water on weekends can cleanse the body of toxins and produce healthier digestion.

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