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7 Health Tips For Quitting Smoking That Are Effective to Try

Many active smokers have difficulty starting to quit smoking. If you are one of them, there are some health tips to quit smoking effectively that you must try. Because apart from not being good for your own health, smoking can also be bad for the health of people around you.

healthiest way to stop smoking
Ilustration : Change also your smoking habit after eating. You can replace it by consuming chewing gum or brushing your teeth.

7 Health Tips For Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing and some people fail to do it. But a strong commitment to have a healthier body will help you quit this bad habit. There are several Health tips for quitting smoking that are effective to try, including :

  1. Avoid smoking triggers. When you are in the stage of quitting smoking, you should avoid triggers. Some triggers include drinking alcohol, drinking too much coffee, and hanging out with other people who smoke.

    Change also your smoking habit after eating. You can replace it by consuming chewing gum or brushing your teeth.

  2. Eat healthy food. The next how to stop smoking is to eat healthy foods. Doctors and researchers claim that healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits can reduce the desire to smoke in humans.

    Some active smokers do not have an appetite because there is nicotine in their bodies which makes their sense of taste and smell not work well. Healthy food can restore a reduced appetite and can nourish the body.

  3. Try to exercise regularly. Every day you should spend a time doing regular exercise, both at home and outside. Not only does it make you look healthier and fitter, exercise can reduce nicotine addiction.

    Sports that you can do to avoid the desire to smoke again are swimming, running, jogging, cycling and many more.

  4. Change your drink. Did you know that consuming too many drinks such as cola, alcohol, tea, coffee, soda and other unhealthy drinks can make cigarettes taste more delicious?

    Start reducing these drinks and try to drink more water, juices and other healthy drinks. This method is believed to be effective in helping you quit smoking.

  5. Stay away from stress. Some people start smoking because they are under stress. They make cigarettes as a place to vent stress because the nicotine content in cigarettes can make people relax quickly.

    It's better to replace other fun activities when stressed, such as listening to songs, going to your favorite place to eat, or meditating.

  6. Consultation and do therapy. Don't feel ashamed to go to therapy or consultation because you want to quit smoking. Counseling with a doctor or psychologist can help you identify the triggering factors for smoking and find the right way to quit according to your condition.

  7. Do relaxation therapy. These are the last healthy tips to quit smoking. The first time you stop smoking may be stressful. But don't worry, this can be handled well through various relaxation methods such as massage, deep breaths or meditation in nature. You can also relax by doing light exercise such as yoga.

Quitting smoking for heavy cigarette addicts is not an easy thing to do. If health tips for quitting smoking above haven't helped, try consulting your doctor for the best advice and also getting medications like bupropion, varenicline or another quit smoking produtcs to help you.

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