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8 Sleeping Myths That Can be Harmful to Health

Sleep is one of the vital activities that everyone has to do correctly. If sleep is experiencing impaired quality or quantity, most likely the body will experience pain. Therefore always pay attention to the quality of sleep well and do not occasionally trust the myth of sleeping below.

A sleeping myth that turns harmful to health
Myths will not be dangerous if they are not done or applied in daily life. If you believe in sleeping myth it is good to be careful because many are misleading and harmful to health. Here are some myths about dangerous sleep.

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1. Adults Only Need to Sleep 5 Hours a Day
Many think that as time goes by, we don't need to sleep too long. Unlike children or teenagers who are in one day minimum should sleep 8 hours a day. The assumption of most people is very wrong and cannot be justified. Because we still have to sleep for 7-9 hours a day to be healthy.

If it is at 22.00 night it is good to sleep immediately. Do not be as late as midnight because it can reduce your precious sleep time. So, do not apply to sleep 5 hours each night as a minimum limit. The minimum sleep limit is about 6-7 hours. So, fix the bedtime you've done so far.

2. We Can Sleep Anytime
We can sleep anytime the origin still 7-9 hours duration. Actually the statement is not actually true. The body has its own circadian cycles. Normally we sleep before midnight and wake up before 06.00 each morning. If the cycle is altered, it will most likely experience considerable interference.

Of some research done, a person who is a lot of daytime sleep and waking or working at night often experiences health problems. The risk of having a disease will be greater. So, sleep is not only a matter of the amount of time, but also has the right timing to avoid health risks.

3. See The TV Good for Relaxation Before Bedtime
Before bedtime we always need relaxation to be easy to sleep. Well, one way that is often done is to see the TV. By looking at our TV will easily sleep soundly. That happens just the opposite. Because often see TV with high enough light we are even harder to sleep.

The light that is too wide causes us to be more awake. The same thing also happens if you often play around with mobile phones. Most likely, your phone will cause you to get awake because of the preoccupation or because of the blue light emitted by the screen. It is better to close all the devices that emit bright light and immediately sleep.

4. Easy Sleep Anywhere Healthy Body Marks
Closing the eye in the condition does not sleep not equal to sleep. So, if overnight you closed only your eyes and consciousness is still well maintained, the benefit of sleep will not be obtained. So, make sure you can sleep soundly and not in a awake condition. Despite closing the eyes, but the body is still awake, you are just as insomnia and make the body so easy to get sick.

5. Relax and Close the Benefits Equal to Sleep
Many of us consider it easy to sleep anywhere is a sign of a healthy body. But not so. It is precisely excessive sleep and is done anywhere in the sign of sleep disorders. You do that because at night it lacks sleep time. Finally during the daytime can sleep anywhere and anytime desired.

6. To be Harmless
Orbitting is the most annoying thing when you sleep with a couple. The enormous sound of the orbit often makes us uncomfortable and end-to-sleep. Now, it is not to be left. There are a few things about orbitting that are harmful to health.

Quickly solve with regular exercise. Usually overweight causes the body to be very easy to orbit. Also, improve the sleep position well. If you can't fix the sleep position, it's most likely that it will still happen. The chance of sleep apnea will also be great.

7. Alcohol Can Make a Better Sleep
Alcohol is often thought to be able to lower the awake condition and you become easily sleepy. Finally some people drink alcohol first before bedtime. What some of these people do is actually not true because alcohol can cause a lot of problems including obesity. Instead of drinking alcohol it is better to drink water.

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8. Eating a Lot Can Make a Good Sleep
One habit that is often done by many people is eating first before bedtime. There are even people who can not sleep because of hunger. Finally, the assumption that eating up the fullness and sleep can make the quality of sleep so increased and finally soundly to the morning.

What this many people believe is not entirely true. Sleep in a stomach condition that will make digestion slower. In fact, the chances of sleeping disorder will be great. If you want to sleep, try 2-3 hours after meals so that the digestion goes smoothly first and not bloated or soall.

From some myths about sleeping above, is there that you often believe today? Hopefully after this we do not easily believe in things that are misleading and make the body become sick. Take a look at the myths above and never apply them in any everyday life for whatever reason.

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