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8 Post-Eid Diseases That You Should Beware Of

For Muslim people, the Eid tradition becomes less complete if it is not accompanied by various kinds of food or drink typical Eid. That's when a lot of people get food and drink intake more than usual. Although this moment of Silahturahim is something happy, you must be wary of the disease post Eid Mubarak.

Recognizing Post-Eid Disease

Before discussing the illness after Eid Mubarak,  you need to know that many foods are commonly served when Eid Mubarak contains salt, sugar and high fat, if all the content is consumed excessively, the negative impact is the emergence of of various diseases.

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Here are the types of post-Eid diseases that you should beware of :

1. Flu and Cough
Common post-Eid diseases are flu and cough. One of the most commonly served dishes is the sweet and cold drinks. Although the drink is refreshing, excessive consumption can cause flu and cough.

In addition, Eid Mubarak momentum makes one more frequent with many people, where it allows you to be more at risk of getting viruses.

2. Diarrhea
Eid Mubarak is the most appropriate time to eat and taste the dishes that are in the hometown. This time you are hard to control what enters the mouth so that it will be spicy, sour, salty, and sweet – all into the stomach and mixed into one.

This post-Eid Mubarak disease occurs because of various foods can trigger a sensitive condition in the stomach. Not to mention all the dishes served when Eid Mubarak is healthy and free from illness. If you eat something unhygienic, diarrhea can be experienced.

3. Increased Cholesterol Levels
In Eid Mubarak, there are many dishes made of coconut milk or fried in oil. Dishes made from coconut milk usually consist of chicken opor, rendang, assorted drinks, and various types of cakes.

If you have a high enough cholesterol history, some of those foods will be a post-Eid Mubarak disease and cause health problems. The impact, pain in the whole body will emerge and make your daily activities disturbed.

Nevertheless, there is no prohibition for you to eat a meal. Limit consumption so as not to overdo it and give a negative effect on the body.

The important thing that should be a concern is patients with hypercholesterol or high uric acid, can be a severe increase when consuming food or drink typical of Eid excessive.

If the fasting of a person has managed to lose weight, but at the time of Eid Mubarak arrived the intake of food and drinks Eid Mubarak is not controlled, it can make his weight surge.

4. Maag
Another common post-Eid disease is the emergence of ulcer. This condition occurs because of dietary changes during fasting, then vent it during Eid Mubarak. Pain in the upper abdomen, heartburn, often burp, abdominal bloating, nausea and vomiting are symptoms of ulcer that you can recognize.

5. Sore Throat
The typical Eid Mubarak foods are made from various kinds of strong spices. Excessive consumption of Eid Mubarak food can trigger the occurrence of throat cancer.

Symptoms of sore throat appear as impaled in the throat and pain when swallowing. Some people have experienced a strong headache when experiencing this.

6. Migraine
Post-Eid disease that many people do not expect is a migraine can cause. Migraine can occur due to limited rest time, stress and unhealthy patterns. Some foods that can trigger migraines are spicy foods, fried-frying and foods containing coconut milk.

Savory and sweet treats such as cheeses, chocolates, butter and snacks that contain many MSG can trigger a migraine attack. As well as coffee and sparkling drinks.

You need to know, migraines can make you sensitive to light. The brighter the environment, the more severe the pain can be. Highly recommended for a break in a dark room.

7. Recurrence of Chronic Diseases
Not only new illness, food or drink that is generally served when Eid Mubarak can make a disease that you previously had relapse. Examples of Eid Mubarak after Eid that can relapse is diabetes.

As known, the culture of Eid Mubarak is a culture of hospitality with a visit to the house living and relatives. That's when you'll be presented with a variety of food and drinks. That's when it's likely that you'll taste a lot of high cholesterol foods, foods that contain fat, and other unhealthy foods.

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If the condition of the body has been further sick, immediately do treatment to prevent the spread of disease and the condition is increasingly drop.

8. Hypertension
The Last post-Eid disease is hypertension or high blood. A person who is experiencing hypertension when blood pressure indicates a number 130/80 mmHg or more.

Therefore, for the illness after Eid Mubarak does not occur, you must control the diet during Eid Mubarak. Ultimately, the risk of illness such as heart attack and stroke can be avoided.

Well, that's some post Eid Mubarak disease that you should beware.

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