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6 Fruit and Vegetable Skins It's High Efficacy, Don't Get Thrown!

Many people consider the skin of some kind of vegetable or fruit as garbage that does not need to be eaten. In fact, it can be the skin of these vegetables or fruits has high health benefits. Actually, what vegetable skin or fruit should we not waste?

Somehigh fruit and vegetable skin health benefits
Reported from Mirror, health experts advise us not to carelessly peel or remove the skin from some vegetables or fruits if you want to get the health benefits to the fullest.

Here are the fruits and vegetables

1. Citrus Fruits
Most people will immediately throw away the orange peel and eat its fruit flesh, right? In fact, according to a study published results in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, orange Peel has a very high antioxidant content of flavonoids. This content can help lower bad cholesterol levels and maintain good cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition, the existence of this antioxidant can also resist the bad exposure of free radicals that can cause disease.

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This research also mentions eating orange peel can provide benefits 20 times greater than with eating orange juice. As information, the process of fruit processing becomes citrus will eliminate or damage the absorption rate. If we are still not used to consume orange peel, at least we eat the flesh without removing the chicken.

2. Garlic
Before processing garlic into food seasoning, most people will peel the skin that does look rough. The problem is that garlic skin turns high antioxidant content that is certainly a pity to be thrown away.

A study conducted at Wakunaga Pharmaceutical, Japan proved that garlic skin has a type of antioxidant content of phenylalpropanoid that can provide protection for the heart and prevent premature aging.

3. Banana Fruit
A research conducted by experts from Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan proved that banana skin turns high health benefits Lho. In this study, produced the fact that banana bark extract could cope with depression and help the production of hormones that could cope with stress. This can give a big impact to the body's blood pressure.

In the skin of banana, there is also a lutein content that can nourish the retina. In addition, antioxidant content such as carotenoids may reduce the risk of developing cataracts, one of the eye health problems that many invade Indonesians.

This research also reveals the fact that drinking water stew banana leaves are processed for 10 minutes or make banana skin as a mixture of banana fruit juice can provide many health benefits.

4. Pineapple Fruit
The fruit that has a sensation of sweetness, sour, and refreshing this turns out to also have a high nutrient skin. For example, we can get the enzymes bromelain, vitamin C, and fibers in it. Eating pineapple skin can help overcome indigestion and flatulence problems.

In addition, the enzyme bromelain can help the body to digest protein and is anti-inflammatory so it will help the body overcome the problem of fever, gout, and arthritis.

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5. Fruit Watermelon
Watermelon Bark turns high content of amino acids with citrulline type that can help dilate blood vessels. This can help to lower blood pressure while also facilitate blood circulation. This condition will certainly make the heart and blood vessels become healthier.

6. Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi fruit bark is a high content of flavonoids that can prevent inflammation, allergies, and cancer. In addition, its antioxidant content will also prevent the exposure of bacteria causing gastrointestinal upset.

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