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5 Foods High in Antioxidant Cancer Prevention

Without realizing it, we are exposed to a variety of free radicals every day. This exposure comes from the food or beverages we consume, the air pollution we breathe, and the various other things.
If we do not cope with this free radical exposure using antioxidants, it is feared to cause various health problems such as cancer, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disorders, premature aging, and so forth.

High food antioxidants that can cope with free radicals.
Health experts advise us to consume high food and beverage antioxidant content in order to fight the bad exposure of free radicals so that we will not be easily affected by the disease.

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Here are some high-food antioxidant content that can be consumed every day.

1. Cherry Fruit
Cherry fruit has a natural antioxidant content called anthocyanins. This content is what makes the color reddish. In 100 grams of cherries contain oxygen radical absorbance capacity as much as 4.803. This means, antioxidants in the cherries tend to be very easily absorbed by the body and provide many health benefits.

Based on a study, the fact that consuming 20 cherry grains per day is able to reduce pain symptoms due to uric acid attacks, preventing cancer and heart disease.

2. Strawberry
Strawberries that have a combination of sweet and sour flavor is high in vitamin C. In fact, vitamin C can also be referred to as an antioxidant because of its ability to keep the immune system strong, prevent anemia, and help keep Skin health.

As the cherries, strawberries also have high content of anthocyanins. For this reason this small fruit color tends to be red fresh. This content can help lower the risk of developing heart disease, lowering the levels of malevolent koesterol, while increasing good cholesterol levels.

If we consume 100 grams of strawberries, then we can get antioxidant as much as 5.4 mmol which can provide various health benefits.

3. Blueberries
The fruit is still a family with a strawberries is also high in antioxidant content. In fact, a study proves that the antioxidant content in blueberries is the highest among all fruits and vegetables. In addition, we can also get vitamin C and vitamin K in a very high amount if consuming it every day.

Based on a study published by the results in a journal titled Nutritional Neuroscience, resulting in the fact that routine eating blueberries are able to prevent the decrease in brain function, the actual conditions naturally occur along with Age. The fruit is also able to prevent the coming of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

4. Dark Chocolate
Who says chocolate is included in a unhealthy snack? In reality, black chocolate turns out to have a very high antioxidant and mineral content. If consuming 100 grams of black chocolate, we can even get more antioxidant content compared to those in blueberries with the same amount.

Health specialists refer to the antioxidant content in a flavonol-black chocolate that prevents the coming of diabetes while keeping blood pressure normal.

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5. Purple Cabbage
In fact, the vegetable of the family of cabbage is high in antioxidant content, but specifically for purple cabbage, its antioxidant content can reach 4 times the white cabbage. In fact, if we process it by boiling, its antioxidant content can be higher.

In purple cabbage is also high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and anthocyanins. Routine consuming it can help the body prevent the coming of inflammation, infections, cancer, and heart disease.

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