Sleep Use Air Conditioning Night? Beware, it Affects Health

Living in a tropical country like Indonesia sometimes makes some people choose to use air conditioner or AC rather than a fan to expel heat. When sleeping is usually the oldest time someone uses AC.

But actually in an air-conditioned room can cause changes in the body and affect health. But it doesn't mean sleeping in AC is worse than using a fan or vice versa.

Quoted from Times of India, if you're going to sleep using air conditioning tonight, take a look at some of the following things that can happen to your body:

1. Shortage of fresh air
The air conditioner in the room means no open part of the room, which means there is no ventilation and turn of fresh air. The shortage of fresh air can cause long-term fatigue.

Fatigue can be exacerbated if during the day you are also in an air-conditioned room. This can lead to a condition called ' Sick Building syndrome ', which means your body is in a state of constant fatigue and lethargy.

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Even worse if your AC is rarely cleaned periodically can cause breathing problems. The dirty air conditioning will be the place to grow a variety of pathogens such as mushrooms, bacteria and moss.

2. Temperature too cold
As often as we sleep, the temperature of our surroundings will drop below which feels comfortable by the body. If you wake up, we can turn off our AC, but if we're still asleep sometimes we can't react.

A decreased or too cold temperature can lead to muscle contractions, headaches and back pain. If your body is at a lower temperature it will appear pain in the muscles and joints that over time can cause rheumatism. If the fatigue is severe, the pain can become arthritis.

3. Dry Skin
AC absorbs all moisture that is in the air and even from our own body. Lack of moisture from our body can make it dry, scaly, and not toned.

When the humidity disappears from your skin, it also loses its elasticity ability and is prone to wrinkles and looks crumpled. Of course, this speeds up skin aging and the risk of skin abnormalities. Aside from the skin, moisture in the eyes can also disappear and make it red or create a petriinated look.

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4. Thermoregulation
When we get out of the room or the air with AC to very hot place, for example out the room or the building, usually we will be surprised by the temperature change.

If we familiarize this can damage the body because our body is difficult to adapt quickly at a changing temperature due to the nature of thermoregulation or temperature setting. It will make us feel tired and be more damaging to your skin.

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